This series of photoworks, was initiated from photographs of inanimate objects that imply a narrative. The moment an object appears in a photograph, it becomes part of a new story. The symbolism of the object may be more or less explicit, but it is always there. The object has a presence and it is magic. Historically, works of art had an 'aura' - an appearance of magical or supernatural force arising from their uniqueness. This aura includes a sensory experience of distance between the reader and the work of art.


The photographs are often taken in the dark, with a hand held camera. The captured images, may have some camera shake, maybe out of focus or blurred but they are then developed into printed images. In this process a new identity to the object is revealed. Snapshots of ordinary and everyday objects are brought to light - furniture, lights, piles of books, objects in cabinets, door handles and domestic objects that focus on considering the photographic image as both document and art.

The double character of images as both rational evidence and also aesthetic objects often act as the starting point.









Angels of Anarchy      Photowork Paris   2014








Chandelier                Photograph London     2015                                








                                  Under Cover              Photograph Paris    2014                                         








Night Dance             Photowork: Pallant House Chichester 2015