Illuminations 2014

A series of works begun as snapshots and enhanced into paintings. They combine the tactile abstract paint mark and the illusionistic depiction of real space. In some images the saturated colour of the photograph is intensified, whilst in others the paint nearly obliterates the scene.



Compartment  2012

An  ongoing  series relating  to  thoughts  and reflections  experienced  whilst  on  journeys and  travels. The  paintings  start as photographs  captured  when  looking  through windows   on trains, in cars on motorways, moving at speed from one place to another.



                                               Chambre  2011

This group of paintings follow on from the series shown at the Whitechapel Gallery, East London in 2009. Begun as under and over-exposed photographs taken during a fleeting stay in a tiny chapel in France, the works continue with the theme of the dark room as a metaphor for the camera and make reference to the interplay between the captured photograph and the painted image.




Stanzina  2009

Shown at the Whitechapel Gallery, East London in 2009. This series entitled Stanzina and meaning 'small room' in Italian, was initiated from photographs made in a bedroom of a small hotel south of Bologna in Northern Italy.