A publication of 23 images taken from a video work, Genome which takes its origin from a concept by Zara Matthews, and follows on from her Royal College of Art dissertation, On Human Printmaking, for which she received a commendation. The work makes a link between the scientific means of prediction, by studying DNA, and a more ancient method using fortune telling and the Tarot.

The video work is made up of 23 movements corresponding to the varying lengths of the chromosomes held within every human cell. Each part simultaneously makes reference to the Major Arcana of the Tarot cards whose 22 pictorial images offer a system of divination where all forces at work in nature and human nature are represented.

Genome was first performed and premiered at the Institute of Child Health, London WC1N in 2003. It was part of On Growth & Form, New Music and Film inspired by the Human Genome and A New Music days production in association with Progress Educational Trust and promoted together with Almeida Opera. Genome was made in collaboration with contemporary British music composer Tansy Davies.

     The Fool
       Chromosome 23