Chambre 2011

This group of paintings Chambre follows on from the Stanzina series shown at The Whitechapel Gallery in 2009. They began as under and over-exposed photographs taken on a fleeting stay in a tiny chapel in France. The works continue the theme of the dark room as a metaphor for the camera and make reference to the inter - play between the captured photograph and the painted image. The Chambre paintings, based on incidental views of a room, where the shifting patterns of light interact with a small selection of objects, produce something poetic and profound. Collectively this cluster of paintings form a portrait of this intimate interior and, as if awaking from the darkness of a night's sleep, the early morning light reveals mirrors, pictures, door frames and unmade blue sheets reminiscent of an Annunciation. 


Installation Eagle Gallery   Chambre 2011



Spaces In-Between   2011


Still Light   2011



 Inner and Outer Worlds  2011